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Base Compensation Studies

Base compensation is the foundation of all pay systems.

Base compensation is the starting point in the design of other pay systems, such as sales incentives, pay for skills or knowledge, individual and team incentives, broad banding, and career ladders.

Base compensation is a fixed dollar amount paid to the employee for:

  • showing up on time, and
  • performing the job in a competent manner

The Base Compensation Study primarily determines the soundness of the overall base salary program;

  • Is the current program internally equitable?
    • Overall, are the longer service and/or better performers paid more that others in comparable positions?
    • Are there any “groups” of employees who are paid differently? Is this appropriate?

  • Is the current program externally competitive?
    • Is the turnover rate too high? Too low?
    • Are there pay discrepancies or problems created by hiring new employees?
    • Have you lost potential employees because the pay offer was too low?

Quorum can determine the soundness of the Base Compensation program, and help develop a program that is Internally Equitable and Externally Competitive.

Don't just buy a compensation plan, invest in an educational experience.

Let us help you design and implement your compensation (salary administration) plan. Quorum, with our extensive experience, will guide you through the entire experience, so that when installation is complete, you will have the knowledge and experience to maintain what we (you and Quorum) have developed.

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