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Job Measurement, Position Evaluation

Don´t kid yourself; ALL organizations have a job evaluation program. If your organization differentiates in pay between any two people, you have some form of ranking the job - albeit based upon perceived values or prejudices or “the boss in the corner office”.

There are many job evaluations system in existence today. The primary systems are:

Job Ranking
  • Simplest
  • Rank whole jobs from highest to lowest
  • Built in Biased
  • Usually influenced by current pay, incumbent, etc.

Job Classification
  • Define Grades and then “fit” jobs into grade or class
  • Mostly used with Job Families

Point System
  • Most widely used
  • Judgements are made on each of a series of selected factors
  • The value of the job is the sum of the “point” factors

Factor Comparison
  • Several factors are compared Job-to-Job
  • Factors may include Education, Skill, Physical Effort, Working Conditions, etc.

Point Factor System
  • Several factors are compared to Standards or descriptions

Quorum has developed and copyrighted a Position Evaluation System (PES) which is a combination of several of the evaluation systems. The PES evaluation process is based upon:

(i) the philosophy of “delegation of authority” from the supervisor to the subordinate, and

(ii) the "vectoring" from other positions within the organization.

This process enables the evaluator to “surround” the position being evaluated.

PES de-emphasizes the “dollars” impacted by the position and emphasizes the Knowledge-Experience-Skills needed for the position and the related use of that body of knowledge in Problem Resolution and Decision Making.

If you want an evaluation system that works, that is easy to explain to your employees, and that is responsive to your ever changing organization, PES is your solution.

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